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As Ireland's national sightloss agency, we have a vision of Ireland where all young people can dream big and fulfill their potential.

Join us and make a dark day brighter.

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An inspirational symbol of hope, the Tree of Light is a unique opportunity to do something truly remarkable each & every Christmas, giving the gift of independence, belief and freedom to thousands of people who are blind or vision impaired in Ireland

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How does it work?

During the month of December companies and individuals are invited to help make a dream come true for a child with sight loss by purchasing ‘time’, in our bid to keep the tree bright for the 25 days of Christmas

These donations support vital services such as assistive technology, educational support, independent living skills and peer support for thousands of children and young people

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How Does It Work

the time is now...

Don't let it go dark

We have a range of options to chose, by purchasing anything from a few minutes, to hours, to days... all contributions help us in our aim to ‘keep the lights on’ for the 25 days of Christmas, from December 1st, to 25th. At this special time of year, with your support, we can shine a light for those living with sight loss and together we can make a true, tangible dierence to thousand's of families across the country.

She is no longer just surviving, she is thriving in her academic and social life. NCBI is always there, at her shoulder and it makes the world of dierence to us.

Father of Young Person Supporters by NCBI

Like all children, young people with sight loss or visual impairment have a variety of hopes and dreams. Our job is to make sure they have equality of dreams. You can help us ensure that all children with sight loss grow up to be independent and to fully participate in society.

Some of our children want to become superstars others dream of simply growing up and finding the job of their dreams. With your help, we can continue to provide these extraordinary children with the strategies and skills they need to realise and reach their potential.

They can achieve anything -
don’t let sight loss impede their dreams.

let's make it shine...